Author: Sbond30812Price: $9

Most addicting and hypercasual game with advanced particle effect is out with smooth gameplay mechanics in both Pc and Mobile devices.

Your are pong player who has to hit the ball by controlling player. With increase in score speed of ball also increases which makes the game more harder than it usually is.
No one is better than you in this world so, this game is a best way to beat yourself everytime you play.

For Mobile Devices: Touch left or right of screen to control.
For PC: Use left and right arrow keys to control.


-HTML5 game, compatible with both PC and Mobile Phone Web browsers.
-Mobile touch support and PC keyboard support.
-Best Optimized for Mobile Devices.
-Includes .capx file with used sprites and sounds.
-Ready to publish
-HighScore feature included.
-Ready for Ad integration from ad networks such as Admob.
-Addictive gameplay.
-Advanced sound and particle effects.
-High resolution
-Auto adjust screen size to browser size

Note1: Construct 2 r277 is required to open the template.

Note2: “Sprite font plus” addon is used inside the game which is included inside this package with instruction to integrate with construct 2.

What you’ll get?
-capx file with documentation of installing extra addon used in tempelate.
-Audio files used in game
-High quality image of sprite used in game(In PNG format)